Friday, August 31, 2018

Flooding at Benton UMC

You can give to support flood recovery in your Sunday offering or through the church office.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Youth Mission Trip pics (3)

Actual work in progress, the safety award (the helmet), one team clowning for the camera, relaxing evening

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Trusting Mercy (2018-0729)

28-29 July 2018, Christ Mountain Top
Praying the Psalm, Psalm 130
Children, Mark 10.46-52
Message, 2 Samuel 24.1-25
Mission Moment, UMC Global Health, medical mission in Nepal

Trusting Mercy. Not that easy, especially when we deal with so many persons who are not at all merciful.

Some fascinating background questions…

Why is God angry at Israel?
Why does God instigate David to evil?
·       1 Chronicles 21.1, not the LORD but the Satan
·       What shall we say then? Is there injustice on God's part? By no means! (Romans 9.14)
·       No answer in the text, no consideration given in the least
·       Live in ambiguity, live without answers
·       David is ignorant of the back story… he just TRUSTS, and he trusts mercy! (The mercy of a God who is behind the whole thing!)

What’s wrong with a census?
Twice in the wilderness (book of Numbers), a census is taken of all Israel. How is this different?
·       The only census of Israel by Israel recorded in the Scripture took place in Numbers and under David
·       When you take a census of the Israelites to register them, at registration all of them shall give a ransom for their lives to the LORD, so that no plague may come upon them for being registered (Exodus 30.12).
Critical reading, looking at the subtext… (see Bruce Birch, NIB, 1380)
·       The ARMY conducts the census, under the assumption that people don’t want to be counted.
·       This census becomes the basis for a future military draft, forced labor, and taxation (1 Kings 4 and 5).

Ferdinand and the Bullfight

More fun from the youth mission trip.

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